• 7-day money-back guarantee : 0-7days after the date of purchase, for any product which has quality problems or unsatisfied service. Just return your intact and undamaged RTscan product package and receive a full product refund (not includes shipping cost) for ANY reason.
  • 13 months manufacturer’s warranty: Warranty time starts from the day you receive the parcel.

For any quality problems: 

  1. RTscan provides free repair or replacement with both sides shipping cost and Chinese side tariff afforded by RTscan.
  2. For man-made damage within warranty time, RTscan provides paid repair with all costs paid by the customer.

Return Policy:

    Our replacement and refund services are limited to original products sold by RTscan and any of its partners. If you purchased through a retailer, please contact retailer directly. Any unauthorized reselling of RTscan products is strictly prohibited. For more detailed return policy, please read: Return Policy page.

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