1. What’s the difference between 2.4G and Bluetooth?

The major difference is the 2.4G can works in more far distance than Bluetooth, and the 2.4G need a small USB receiver but Bluetooth connects with the terminal directly.

2. Are your scanners combine 2.4G and Bluetooth wireless and wire technology altogether?

Yes, to allow our customers to make the most use of the scanners, the RT104 and RT332 combine wire technology and Bluetooth, 2.4G wireless technology all in one. But don’t worry, thanks to our supply chain in China, the cost is not much different to combine all of these.

3. What payment do you support?

Currently, we support Paypal and Credit card.

4. How long does it take you to ship the scanners to me?

Currently, we have European local warehouse, 1-5days for European countries, and 5-15days for others countries. (the time would be a little differ sometime).

5. Is this scanner laser or CMOS?

The RT104 is 1d linear CCD barcode scanner, and the RT332 is CMOS 2d barcode scanner.

6. How to use the scanner with the stand or 2.4G USB dongle?

2.4G USB dongle can be plugged directly into the PC and the scanned data will be displayed on the PC; or plug the 2.4G USB dongle into the base and the base to your device via USB cable, the scanned data can also be transferred to the PC through the base.

7.How to charge the scanner?

You can charge the scanner via the stand directly. Whenever we put the scanner in the base, the base charges the scanner automatically. So we never worry about power out and we also no need to specially do the “charge” action. We believe users can experience much better with this charging base, that’s why we insist to sell the base together.

8. How long is the USB cable?

USB cable: around 1.5m. The cable used for charging the scanner and also can transmit data from the base to your device or from the scanner to your device directly.

9. If I need to buy a large number of scanners, will there be a discount?

Yes, please contact to our wholesale team sales@rtscan.net or visit our B2B website: www.rtscan.net for more details.

10. How to switch between 2.4G wireless and Bluetooth, Wired mode?

① 2.4G Wireless mode (default ): Simply connect the stand to your PC or other devices (keep the dongle connected to the stand), then the read data will output directly in the device, it’s plug and play.

② Bluetooth mode: we can pair the scanner with any Bluetooth terminals. Please read the quick user manual in the package.

③ Wire mode: any time, if we connect the USB cable with the scanner directly, then the scanner comes to a common wire scanner, and the cable will also automatically charges for the scanner simultaneously.

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